Video Storytelling for Individuals, Organizations and Small Businesses

Our Process


Life Messages Media’s producers will meet with you in your home or other location you choose for your recording. We learn about your goals and requirements for your videos, and develop an estimate based on production and post-production time. You will receive a written estimate and a contract that documents what you and Life Messages Media have agreed to. A deposit of one-half of the final estimate is due prior to filming.


Before the day of filming, our interviewer will meet with you, share example questions, discuss wardrobe and objects and photos you would like to include, and further explore your goals. For memoir videos, we will suggest chapters, for example, growing up, military service, early years of marriage. You will gather photos and documents that you would like to for us to scan and include in your video.


We will set up lights, cameras, microphones and other equipment in your home or selected location. Expect the recording to take two to three times as long as the finished recording, plus setup and take-down time. We will discuss the recording experience with you, make notes for the editing process, and discuss any additional photos that you would like to include.


We will edit your video to create the optimal story and length, inserting photos and music where appropriate. You will have an opportunity to preview your video. If necessary, we will further edit the video up to the amount of time agreed upon in the contract. There will be a charge for additional editing beyond the agreed-upon amount.


After you have approved the final video, we will provide a copy on DVD. Duplicate copies are available for an additional fee. We also can provide a secure link to view and share your video online. A master copy of your video and all of the original footage will be stored in a safety deposit box for five years. Final payment is due upon delivery.