Video Storytelling for Individuals, Organizations and Small Businesses

About Us

Based in Madison, Wis., Life Messages Media, LLC was founded by Ann Massie Nelson and Ren Patterson in 2013. Ann and Ren combine their talent and expertise to offer individuals, organizations and small businesses an opportunity to tell their stories on documentary-style video in an era of increasingly digital communications. The two business partners met while working in marketing and corporate communications.

Ren Patterson Founder

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Ann Massie Nelson Founder

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Ren Patterson has spent his professional life learning how to use film and video to tell stories that are important to him, his clients and audiences of all kinds. From documentaries to narrative shorts, feature films, and corporate and educational films, Ren has examined the effect of allowing his subjects to tell their stories in the most honest and straightforward way. His recent projects include numerous films focusing on the formation and growth of small and family-owned companies, political and social movements, educational programs and the important work of non-profits. Ren is also completing his second novel. Learn more about Ren at

Ann Massie Nelson is an interviewer with a passion for storytelling. Her career as a writer and editor has helped her hone her interview skills and bring focus to an individual’s or organization’s story. Her questions have been described as “gentle” and “unexpected,” prompting speakers to examine their experiences in a new light. Ann’s off-camera presence puts the spotlight on the person being recorded, allowing the subject to speak in their own, unscripted voice. She is involved with various mission-based organizations. Learn more about Ann at