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Personal and family history, stories and life experiences - memories are priceless and irreplaceable gifts to friends and family. Capture your personal history - or those of others in your family - to enjoy now and to share with generations to come.

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When an old man dies, a library burns down.

African proverb
Memoirs for personal and family history, stories and life experiences Madison WI

Ethical Wills

Shared words of wisdom, sometimes called "ethical wills" or "legacy letters," have been passed from one generation to the next since the beginning of time. Tell your family and future generations about the lessons you've learned, the values that have shaped you, and the dreams and hopes you have for them.

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Your legal will addresses: 'What do I want my loved ones to have?' Your ethical will addresses: 'What do I want them to know?'

Susan B. Turnbull, author of The Wealth of Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will
Ethical will words of wisdom and what I want loved ones to know Madison WI

Wishes for Beneficiaries

A will or estate plan does not adequately convey our wishes for how the people and organizations we have named might benefit from our gifts. Often, estate executors and trust advisors are left with minimal direction or insight into our intentions. Offer guidance about your goals for wealth transfer by recording your wishes for beneficiaries.

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What do you and your family really value? How can you help to guide your children's life journey? What kind of vision does your family aspire to achieve? My message is a simple one: The real wealth of your family is not financial.

Charles W. Collier, author of Wealth in Families
Guide for your wishes for beneficiaries Madison WI

Advance Directives

Also called "living wills," advance health care directives set forth your wishes for medical treatment and care if you are unable to make your own decisions. Give a gift to your family by telling them - in your own words - what matters most to you at the end of life. (Please note that a recording does not take place of a written advance care directive and is not legally enforceable.)

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Death is the most inevitable fact of life. But the experience of dying has changed over the course of history, especially within the past fifty years. In many ways dying has become a lot harder. We are the benefactors and victims of scientific success.

Ira Bock, M.D., author of Dying Well and The Best Care Possible
Advance directives tell what matters most to you at the end of life Madison WI